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November 5, 2015 / roqueagency

Program ICE into your cellphone “In Case of Emergency”

How would you get word to your loved ones if you were to became suddenly incapacitated?  It could happen due to a sudden physiological event car-accident-victim-on-stretcher(heart attack, seizure, stroke), automobile or motorcycle crash, recreational accident or any number of other ways.  How might Emergency Responders (Fire, Police, Paramedics – WE LOVE THEM ALL!!) know who to notify of your urgent change in circumstances?  It’s pretty simple really!  Most all of us now have cellphones, right?  We highly recommend programming ICE for “In Case of Emergency” into your phones with the name and number to whom you’d like notified should you be found incapacitated and unable to speak.  We didn’t come up with the idea, but think it’s just ingenious and wanted to pass the little safety nugget along to all.

Next, schedule a meeting with your agent to go over your Auto, Motorcycle & Life Insurance policies.  People today earn more than ever before and medical costs are rising at astonishing rates.  We highly recommend carrying no less than a $500,000 basis of Auto Liability and Uninsured Motorist coverage, no less than a $1M Umbrella policy (w/ Excess Uninsured coverage if available) and insuring yourself with a minimum of $500,000 worth of Life Insurance for every dependent (i.e. wife + 2 kids = $1.5M) you might leave behind on a tragic day.  If you don’t have an agent or can’t remember who yours is, come see us.  We’ll help you be protected, not surprised, and get more than you’re already paying for.

Google+Luis Roque is a local, Independent Agent who strives to help clients “Be Protected, Not Surprised, and Get More Than You’re Already Paying For.”
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