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November 30, 2015 / roqueagency

Oh, No! TN Seat Belt fines are doubling to $25!! GET SERIOUS!!

Well, if you haven’t accepted the facts by now, SEAT BELTS SAVE LIVES. When properly used, seat belts work alongside their ever important, and safety engineered, vehicle windshield, airbags and chassis, to protect your body’s physical safety and integrity during a collision. Starting in January 2016, our friend “Johnny Law” will begin reminding us all of their importance by doubling fines when you’re found riding on Tennessee roadways without your seat belt. But, let’s get serious – $25!! I’ve had pricier parking tickets than that. If society wants to encourage seat belt use, then make the first time offense a $500 fine and subsequent offenses $1000. The penalties should at least approximate the annual cost of an average $1M Life Insurance policy, which they should carry if they’re going to ride without wearing seat belts!

Have you ever seen what happens to unbuckled occupants, not to mention their fellow passengers, who who are injured when “Too Cool for Seat Belts” passengers become human projectiles in an auto accident? IT’S SICKENING & DEADLY!

Folks. The windshield won’t stop you from being ejected out the vehicle if your seat belt is not on.  The airbags won’t save you from traumatic internal injury if you slide underneath them when your seat belt isn’t on to hold you in place.  The vehicle’s chassis can’t shield you when you fly outside it because you weren’t wearing your seat belt. Don’t risk your life, or the lives of others in the vehicle with you, by not wearing your seat belt. It might take getting off of a seat belt violation several thousand times to equate to the loss you’ll sustain or impose by not wearing your seat belt during just one collision.  Be Safe – Buckle Up!

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