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April 8, 2013 / roqueagency

Don’t be foolish about your insurance protection

If you’ve ever visited our office or perhaps read any one of the many posts we’ve made to our site Blog, you’ll recognize some of the most important points made in this recent article “7 ways you’re being foolish with insurance” By Michele Lerner at  In her article, Miss Lerner, along with testimonials from several supporting agents, stresses many of the same points you’ve heard or will hear when meeting with us at our agency:

1) “A foolish person will take low liability coverage and low deductibles. A smart person will get high liability coverage with a high deductible.”

2) Have sufficient liability coverage to safeguard your assets, savings and future income, should you have an accident and a judgment be levied against you.

3) Don’t rely solely on the group insurance you have through work.  After all, in today’s climate, aren’t we all just temporary employees at our place of business?

4) Having a higher deductible is a smart way to lower your premiums.  But, don’t have a deductible that’s bigger than your emergency fund can bear. “Insurance is meant to cover a catastrophe, not a $400 repair bill.”

5) “Homeowners should also purchase coverage against sewer or drain backups because if a backup turns your finished basement into a smelly swamp, the damage can be expensive.”

6) “Umbrella insurance, which is relatively inexpensive, provides $1 million or more in additional liability coverage. The coverage can protect your current assets and future earnings in case of a lawsuit.”

7) “Foolishness for couples is purchasing life insurance for only the working spouse, ignoring the value of the stay-at-home parent.”

8) “Many times, the cost to rebuild or repair a home is more than its market value. The amount of homeowners insurance you have should equal the replacement cost.”

Come see us and let’s work to help you get more than you’re already paying for.

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