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March 27, 2013 / roqueagency

Should your Life Insurance be kept a secret??

When discussing Life Insurance with our clients, we can’t count the number of times we hear something like, “If he/she knew how much I’m worth in life insurance, he/she would probably snuff me out for the policy payout”.  Now, unless you’re ‘Married to the Mob’ or run with a bunch of ‘Goodfellas’, that’s not real likely to happen.  In fact, life insurance beneficiaries are typically people we know very well and love unconditionally.  So, how can NBC Nightly News recently report there is a 1 in 600 chance of you being owed a benefit from someone’s life insurance policy and not even know it?  In fact, after you’ve invested the time to consider life insurance, met with your Agent to discuss what coverage is available, made application for it, completed all the necessary lab work, had years of doctors records reviewed and successfully attained Underwriting approval, we think you should Shout It From The Mountain Tops how much you love those on your beneficiary lines.  You’ve accomplished something 7 in 10 Americans haven’t been fortunate enough or willing to achieve.  Furthermore, we suggest you make a copy of the policy summary page and give one to each and every person you’ve listed as beneficiaries.  Honestly, this is just another way for you to show how much you care and make sure your love, efforts and premiums don’t go years without reward.  You loved someone enough to take your hard earned money and place it in a policy to insure they have what they need in case you can’t be there to catch them.  Don’t keep that a secret!

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