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March 6, 2013 / roqueagency

Is your Agent pushing for higher limits on your Auto Insurance?

Have you ever been to your Insurance Agent’s office and heard them push for 250/500 or 500/500 liability limits on your auto insurance policy? Why, our state only requires you to carry 25/50 limits to be legal to drive in Tennessee. Have you struggled to understand why that Agent went on and on about their higher Bodily Injury limits?  Well, we certainly hope so! If your Agent is truly looking out for your best interests, wanting to protect you and who/what is important to you, you should know all too well about high Bodily Injury Liability Limits.  Here’s why.

Limits, as the word implies, are the MAXIMUM amount your carrier will pay for damages you impose on others, should you be at fault for an accident. If another driver was at fault for an accident you were injured in, you’d expect the costs to get you well and back on the road to be covered by their insurance, right? Additionally, the premium difference you’ll pay for minimum coverage vs. the higher limits is usually only about 10-15% for somewhere between 200% and 1000% stronger coverage.

Auto Insurance Question #1:

Would you prefer to have your insurance carrier pay the majority of others’ medical bills, lost income, rehab costs along with pain & suffering damages you caused them when at fault for the accident, or would you prefer to pay those amounts out of pocket or from your future income?

Furthermore, did you see the 2011 report put out by USA Today on Uninsured Drivers across our nation? The report showed Tennessee has a staggering 24% rate of uninsured drivers on our roads. Why is that important? Because you can’t buy Uninsured Motorist coverage limits higher than your Bodily Injury Liability limits. Did you know that Uninsured Motorist coverage would pay for costs you experience if injured by a Hit & Run or uninsured driver whether in your car, walking, riding a bike or even mowing you lawn?

Auto Insurance Question #2:

With 1 in 4 Tennessee drivers having little to no insurance, would you prefer to carry the risk of being injured, missing work, medical & rehab costs and nothing for your pain/suffering or even death if you’re seriously injured by one these drivers?

Lastly, did you know that an Umbrella Policy can increase your Liability and Uninsured Motorist protection in million dollar increments, some starting for as little as $.40 per day? And, these amounts would pay out on top of your base auto insurance limits.

Auto/Umbrella Insurance Question #3:

You carry 250/500 Uninsured Motorist coverage on your auto policy and have a $1,000,000 Umbrella policy with Uninsured Motorist coverage as well. If you’re killed in an accident with another motor vehicle, would these policies pay the remaining balance of that $1.25 million in a death benefit to your survivors?

While we can’t endorse any legal firms, how would you feel if you were on the other side of this attorney’s commercial?

Don’t be left unprotected. The day to fully understand your insurance program is not the day misfortune strikes. Call or come by and let’s discuss your circumstances and specific needs.

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