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April 29, 2016 / roqueagency

Car Collisions Avoided

According to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), nearly 70 percent of traffic crashes involving large trucks and passenger cars are the fault of the car driver. Here are some tips to help drivers avoid collisions with large trucks, buses as well as other passenger cars.

AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION? Proper maintenance is key to ensuring your vehicle operates safely when you need it to. Honestly now, when was the last time you checked to make certain your vehicle brake lights and turn signals all worked, the headlight lenses weren’t fogged over by UV rays, inspected the brake rotors and pads, checked for sufficient tire tread/correct tire air pressure/proper alignment, serviceability of windshield wiper blades, etc.? All these systems are very important for your vehicle’s stability and operating safety.

3 SECOND MIN FOLLOWDON’T TAILGATE, and be alert for others tailgating you. The minimum recommended following distance during daylight dry operating conditions is three seconds, with additional seconds added for each adverse driving condition (i.e. darkness, rain/fog, heavy traffic, snow/sleet, carrying passengers, etc). A tailgating driver won’t have a clear field of view for the surroundings and may have insufficient time to react to sudden braking for emergencies. The safest way to deal with a tailgater or reckless driver is to change lanes and let them pass.

OBEY POSTED LIMITS, not only to avoid being cited with a fine, but to ensure you can stop in time for the hazards commonly associated with that particular roadway. Oh, did we happen to mention what speeding tickets do to accident frequencies and Auto Insurance rates?

AVOID BLIND SPOTS and be aware of the possible blind spots on both sides of any vehicle. Don’t linger in these areas while driving. Other drivers may not realize you’re there until it’s too late. Your blind spot area can be minimized with proper positioning of rear and side view mirrors to ensure greater safety.

STAY FOCUSED on the road, current driving conditions and actions of other vehicles in your path. Avoid distractions (i.e. eating, drinking, cell phones, etc.) that take your attention off the task at hand, which is getting to your destination safely.

BUCKLE UP! Don’t be a Dummy. Your seat belt is the most important life safety device in your vehicle during a crash. As the driver, your seat belt can help keep you properly and safely positioned in your seat so you can better maintain control of your vehicle.

While all of these may seem like common sense, when was the last time you shook your head at another driver for violating one or more? More to the point, when was the last time somebody shook their head at you for one or more? Please drive safely.

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