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February 9, 2015 / roqueagency

What’s Your Reaction Time?

We don’t believe, as parents, we teach our youngest drivers enough about this question.  We’re continually amazed at the number of youthful drivers who don’t know how to ensure they maintain a safe following distance while driving.  Most think it to be just one car length, at any speed, under any driving condition.  So we ask, would the driver in this picture stand much of a chance at avoiding a call home following what is possible?

Our friends at Travelers Insurance do an excellent job of explaining Proper Following Distance in a variety of driving situations.  Please remember, the more adverse the conditions, the more reaction time you’ll need to avoid the unexpected.  Some of the adverse conditions that will increase the time necessary, and following distance required, to properly react are:

  • Youth and inexperience of the driver3 SECOND MIN FOLLOW
  • Darkness
  • Road surface conditions like rain, snow, fog and ice
  • Speed
  • Weight of your vehicle 
  • Driving distractions like talking, texting, eating and navigating

Please educate the young drivers in your family (AND yourselves) about the vital necessity for maintaining a safe following distance.  Always allow for critical reaction time, invaluable for the wide array of circumstances, in which they’ll find themselves driving, hopefully for many years to come. Additionally, don’t deny or neglect to maintain coverage limits of Liability, Uninsured Motorist and Life Insurance sufficient for all drivers and family member in today’s financial reality.  500/500/250 with a 1M Umbrella today is equivalent coverage to the 100/300 we all had when we were 16.  Be protected, not surprised.

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