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March 11, 2014 / roqueagency

Our Most Heartfelt Prayers ……

Just in the past few weeks, our agency has been touched by lives turned upside down. Whereby close friends (Ryan, John, Joi, Karen and Gabe) have suffered devastation from the accidental, and certainly premature, death of a close friend, a young child, a beloved spouse, a dear parent, even a well respected mentor.  All loved ones who made an impact on our lives, were adored unconditionally and who were revered by those around them.  It’s tragic for those close to the families too.  When this happens, we struggle for the right words to say that will lend some comfort.  We even establish benevolence funds and raise money to help with immediate expenses to help ease some of the suffering.  Sadly, in only one in five losses mentioned above, were we relieved to discover Life Insurance had been secured beforehand so the family would be able to carry on financially, following the ease of their emotional suffering.  That’s well below the national average.

So, why is Life Insurance always the last coverage we think about  when protecting our assets and our family?  FAMILY-OF-4-LIFE-ROQUE-AGENCY-AUT0-HOME-LIFE-BUSINESS-INSURANCE-MURFREESBORO-TN-37129We get dozens of calls each week looking for auto insurance, home insurance, even boat insurance and motorcycle insurance.  But, nary a call for Life Insurance.  Is it because we fear it’s too expensive? It’ll never again be more affordable to secure than it is the very moment.  Can it be confusing to think about and decide?  Not if your Agent takes the time necessary to explain all the details and benefits.  Is it upsetting to plan for the end of one’s life?  Certainly.  But, how does that even compare to what our loved ones will face if we’re not adult enough to face down the inevitable?  Perish the thought.

We encourage you to do the right thing for your family.  Don’t let a few dollars (quite often less than the cellphone bill) come between you, your legacy and your family’s recovery following your unexpected, untimely and most certain departure.  Oh, and lastly.  TELL EVERYONE YOU LOVE, that you made the investment in their future security and procured Life Insurance.  Don’t neglect to give your beneficiaries a copy of the policy for safe keeping and redemption on the days following your Home Going.  Be blessed.

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