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April 24, 2013 / roqueagency

Be Prepared For Your Next Disaster

Serious Question:   Since its original purchase, have you taken the time to make sure your insurance has kept up with the changes in your life?  Americans realize they and their homes could be impacted by a natural disaster at any time.  But, they are not certain of their coverage and many have not done a review of their policies with an agent recently as published in NORTHBROOK, Ill., April 23, 2013 /PRNewswire.

The following were among the conclusions, which encourages people to take proactive steps to be protected such as:

  • Conducting a home inventory of not only the home, but especially their personal property (we recommend using video)
  • Maintaining records somewhere other than their homes (like a safe deposit box or other family member’s home safe)
  • Reviewing their coverage with their agent at least every three years (insuring to carry Replacement Cost Coverage rather than Actual Cash Value)

Among the details developed in the 2012 survey were the following:

  • 53% believed the country has faced more natural disasters than normal over the past several years
  • 43% of respondents were concerned about damage from a natural disaster
  • 30% of respondents had not read or reviewed their homeowners or renters policies in the last three years
  • 22% were not certain or didn’t know if they would be covered by their insurance policies in the event of a natural disaster
  • 8% of respondents, if forced to evacuate their home, said they would take insurance documents or records with them

If you’re a Homeowner, Renter or Landlord and haven’t met with your agent recently about your coverage, call or come by for an objective and complimentary evaluation of you policies.  And don’t overlook insuring the MOST important asset you have; Your Life.  We’ll do our very best to help you ‘get more than you’re already paying for’.

Google+Luis Roque is a local Independent Agent who strives to help you to “Be Protected, Not Surprised. Get More Than You’re Already Paying For.”
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