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November 1, 2013 / roqueagency

Common Courtesy vs. Liability

Does it ever seem to you, that Common Courtesy has simply vanished from our roadways today? Have you ever given much thought to your selfless acts of kindness when behind the wheel?  I mean, we live in the South! Aren’t Southern Hospitality and Southern Manners kind of our thing anyway? Well, let’s consider a few situations.

Most everyone cringes when a driver, approaching from behind, cramps their personal space. When I was younger, I delivered pizzas part-time. One of our Drivers test questions was, “How close is it safe to stop behind a vehicle in front of you at a stop?” It was then I learned that the recommended safe distance is that point where you can still see the tires on the car in front touching the pavement. Likewise, when you’re on the move, we strongly encourage the “3 Second Minimum” rule.

Another situation that causes me to shake my head, is the poor driver who is turning from a stop (either direction, but left more importantly) onto a busy road.  When another car pulls right up to their side (usually an SUV or Truck) and totally blocks their field of view as they rigorously attempt to clear both directions of oncoming traffic to make their turn. There’s no law against the second driver’s action. But, common courtesy would say it’s safer and more polite for the second vehicle to lag back slightly and let the vehicle first at that stop, have a clear view to make his/her turn before proceeding with their own. However, when two vehicles reach the intersection simultaneously, the law states the one on the right has the right-of-way.

Lastly, let’s talk about the “WAVER” or as some like to call them, “Traffic Cop Wannabees”. It seems quite common for some, to wave an awaiting opposing car across their lane while the “Waver” is sitting in traffic. The other driver may be waiting to cross an opposing lane or two of traffic to enter a parking lot or to enter a side street and, while sitting still, the “Waver” will wave that driver across their lane. Sometimes doing so can lead to an accident when the oncoming car attempts to cross both lanes and is struck by a vehicle traveling in the second of the two lanes. Wanna have a guess who might be at fault? This is one of those times when courtesy and manners might aught to take a backseat to the gamble, time off for court appearances, the possible claim against ones insurance and the mounting price tag. Oh, and did we fail to me mention the lynching sure to be imposed by the dozens of motorists behind the “Waver” whose time he failed to consider in either case?

YES! Be courteous.  Be polite.  Be considerate of ALL motorists on our roads.  And above all, BE PROTECTED.  If you’re a new driver or just not sure, come see us.  We’ll do our best to help you “Get More Than You’re Already Paying For!”

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