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July 8, 2013 / roqueagency

Insurance Coverage – I’ll Stand By You

As a Local and Independent Insurance Agency, our mission is to represent our clients’ insurance needs across almost two dozen carriers with the goal to Get More Than You’re Already Paying For. Our PREFERRED carriers compete best for those who have clean claims and/or driving histories while our STANDARD carriers fit better for those who have multiple claims and/or a challenging driving history.  Can you guess which offers the better coverage and lower insurance rates? Preferred carriers, of course.

Over the past week, we viewed a TV commercial by one of the STANDARD carriers we offer.  TSTOP TEXTINGheir Spokesperson sang an ole classic tune, “I’ll Stand By You” in the clip.  Their message included “Won’t let anyone hurt you”, which reminded us of a quote we once wrote.  The client prospect we quoted rejected the higher Liability and Uninsured Motorist limits of coverage we’d offered, insisting anything greater than State Minimum Insurance Coverage was a waste of their money.  They insisted that if they were ever responsible for, or victim of, a serious accident, they’d just let the insurance companies fight it out and they’d be OK. What they failed to see is that the insurance company, like anyone you hire to do anything for you, will only fight it out to the extent to which you hire/pay them to.  If you carry state minimum coverage (25/50/15 in TN), take a read about one person’s experience up in Illinois where they’re legislating an insignificant increase of state minimum auto coverage.  Which could you afford best; $15-$20 more each month in premium, or $500,000 in a judgement decision?  If you hurt someone seriously, what then?  Don’t rely on “Fender Bender” coverage as protecting Your Money.

The true purpose of any insurance you purchase is to defend YOUR money, using the insurance carrier’s policy limits of coverage to shield you from damage expenses you inflict on others or that others may inflict on you.  Next time you shop for coverage or come up for renewal on your existing policies, let us do our best to help you Get More Than You’re Already Paying For.

Google+Luis Roque is a local Independent Agent who strives to help you to “Be Protected, Not Surprised. Get More Than You’re Already Paying For.”
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