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February 15, 2013 / roqueagency

Homeowners Insurance vs Falling Space Objects

Have you been keeping up with the latest reports of looming meteors and falling meteorites?

An epic event is happening today and we heard one Reporter say, that it might be time to make sure our affairs were in order.  Really?  Now?

Thanks to the horrendous driving habits of our Russian friends, this dash-cam provides a striking video of last week’s event:

Their traffic and driving habits are so chaotic in Russia, that they employ dashboard cameras to record their every move in case the inevitable happens.  Despite their growing cult like status on YouTube and other video websites, dashboard cameras have a serious purpose, installed in their vehicles to fight the growing problem of auto insurance fraud.  What are the odds of capturing an event like this or having coverage for it under ones auto insurance policy? In all honesty, meteorites are so valuable, they’d likely add value to your car.

Going about your hectic day, would seeing/hearing something like this give you cause for concern?

While extraordinary and highly improbable, would homeowners insurance pay for your damages from an event like this?  In reality, most homeowners insurance would and do cover damages cause by Falling Objects.

We know these are extreme conditions, but our mission is to insure you’re covered on even the darkest of days.

Now, we realize we’ve gone to the extreme to make our point here.  And that point is, are you prepared for the unexpected and totally unimaginable?  Had your life insurance evaluated lately?  If you’re not sure, come by and see us so we can help.

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