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February 5, 2013 / roqueagency

What is Life Really Worth??

One of the most common methods used in shopping for insurance is to seek the coverage we want for the lowest possible premium. Let’s face it, we’ve all price shopped across many facets of life. And why not? It’s our nature. Bargain shopping makes us feel good. Who wants to pay more, especially for insurance? We pretty well maintain control over our daily lives and may never actually have to use it anyway. In our ideal world, we’d really prefer to buy our insurance within a few months of when we’ll actually need to use it, in order to reap the benefits of coverage with as little premium outlay as possible, right? That’s what bargain shopping is all about. This is a sentiment we’ve all shared and is most often heard when discussing Life Insurance with folks. None of us enjoys facing down our immortality and Life premiums are just money we give to the insurance companies so they can build more skyscrapers and dole out bigger bonuses to their CEO’s, right? Wrong.

As an Independent Insurance Agent, one of our goals is to find the precise point at which our clients feel satisfied with the coverage and premiums we secure for them in protecting what they value. The most common of these policies cover our autos and/or homes. Why? Because the banks mandate we secure insurance to protect what they’ve loaned us the money to buy. Besides, most folks pretty well know how important it is to keep their possessions safeguarded so they can enjoy them for many years to come. So, who’s mandating that you protect the finances (earned) lent to you while you’re alive? What if your body hits a wall and doesn’t last for many years to come? Where will your financial contributions to the family come from?

FAMILY-OF-4-LIFE-ROQUE-AGENCY-AUT0-HOME-LIFE-BUSINESS-INSURANCE-MURFREESBORO-TN-37129Have you ever given much thought to what value YOU bring to the maintenance, day to day happiness and well being of your family’s household? Think for just a moment, on any one of your recent sit down meetings with your personal insurance agent. Has he/she ever asked you something like, “Which is more important to you, Premium or Policy?” If so, your answer was probably “Both”. That question comes up in our office most often while conversing about ones Life Insurance. Heck, we’d all like to believe we live very conscientiously in our surroundings and practice safety when going about our days. We watch everything we eat, exercise regularly, only have an occasional smoke or drink, stress about nothing, don’t intentionally run through a red light while checking our appearance, rarely encounter adverse environmental conditions or ever fall asleep and forget to blow out the decorative candle we got last Christmas.

Let’s face it folks. They aren’t called accidents because we intentionally caused them. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that the average American has a 30 percent chance of being involved in a serious automobile accident in their lifetime. In 2009, the National Fire Protection Association reported your household has a one in four chance of having a fire large enough to be reported to the fire department during an average lifetime. And the laws of Mother Nature guarantee you have a 1 in 1 chance of dying prematurely (because every death is premature). Yet, most American households spend more per month on cable & internet service than they do to secure their family’s financial future with Life Insurance. When you stop and think about it, you’ll probably spend more to purchase and finance a new car for five years than you might over thirty years to secure your family’s financial security.  Why is that?  With an average $1 million dollar, 30-yr Term Life policy premium being around $100 per month, that’s only $36000 paid over 30 years to insure your loved ones have what they’ll need if you die long after that new truck you bought is rusting away in some bone yard.

The simple fact is, Life is Precious! And Life Insurance is still the smartest means for establishing an immediate estate for your loved ones to carry on with long after you’re gone. Whether you prefer the lower premiums of a Fixed Term Life policy and elect to invest the rest in your savings & retirement portfolio OR you like the guaranteed lifetime coverage and cash accumulation features of the pricier Permanent Life policies, the sooner you act, the less it costs. PLEASE DON’T WAIT! The saying is, “Life is Too Short” for a reason and none of us are getting any younger or healthier than we are right now, today. Speaking from first hand experience, the longer you wait, the more likely you are to leave your loved ones in financial despair when you’re gone. Our health can be unpredictable, as can the weather, as can driving conditions. Don’t let paying a relatively small premium derail you from the responsibility of showing the love you have for your surviving family members. They’ll have more than enough to contend with after you’re gone. Absolve them of any financial obstacles they might encounter and be there to help them even when you aren’t. After all, Life Insurance isn’t for you; It’s for them.

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